Oh no! it's that time of the year again I hear you say, It's time to organise the Christmas party and get everything booked in.

Here at Christmas Entertainment Ireland we can take all the stress out of organising the event because we have hundreds of cool entertainment acts available. We have different size bands to suit any budget and a whole selection of interesting and unique acts to thrill your guests. From dancing robots to digital fire displays we have it all under the one roof, look no further, just call us on 01 2013660.

Christmas Singing Waiters

The Christmas Singing Waiters is not a new idea but it just works brilliant every time. The singers are disguised as waiters and mingle with your guests, having some fun and causing mischief with the management. When the coffee is served they burst into action with well known tunes and Christmas hits. The surprise on guests faces is priceless as they realise what just happened. This act can raise the atmosphere in the room and help to create the perfect evening.

The Firm

The Firm is one of our most requested as they know how to read the crowd and get everybody into the festive spirit with ease. The lead singer Laura has fantastic energy and sings like an angel so you are in safe hands. Your party will go off without a hitch as this band simply fill the dance floor everytime. They have a brilliant set list and mix the Christmas tunes into their set.

Digital Fire Art

This show has to be seen to be believed! It looks like fire spinning right in front of your eyes but it's actually made up of 100s of powerful LED lights. The Digital Fire Dancers can display logos and marketing messages directly in the show, just send us your logo and we will programm it right in. This fire display can be used indoors so there is no fire risk to your guests or to the venue.

Christmas Robots

This is probably one of the most unusual acts on our current roster of entertainment ideas. The robots came on the scene a couple of years ago and started causing a commotion at corporate events and private parties. From Robot-Ted the almost 9 foot tall dancing robot to Star Wars characters we have an entire range

Sax & DJ Duo

Sax & DJ are an act that you can bring anywhere! It is versatile, cool and never fails to get the atmosphere just right in the room. It is not cheesy or in your face, it's laid back and sophisticated. The DJ spins the beats and the sax player jams along showing real skill and gently working the crowd. The saxophone player has a radio microphone and is free to move to a different part of the room to add to the experience.

Silent Headphone Disco

The Silent Headphone Disco is massive and getting busier every Christmas as we have 100s of wireless headphone systems available. Dance away into the early hours with no noise complaints from the hotel bedrooms or from neighbours. There is no PA system required as everybody puts the headphones on so the only noise is the sound of people dancing, laughing and singing along to their favourite tunes.

Daft Punk Tribute

Now an international DJ act Daft Punk Tribute will lift the roof off any type of party. They still have some free dates left in December but they are selling out fast so get in touch to check availability. No shows are the same as they Re-Mix the music live and on the spot to suit the crowd. The show is up to one and a half hours and is rammed with all the best mixes of Daft Punk. The guys know how to mix and spend a serious amount of time in their studio mixing and perfecting their show.

Get in touch with our office elves to check availability and get costs on 01 2013660

Alternative Entertainment Ideas for your Christmas Bash


It's time to get organising your company's Christmas party and hiring some cool, alternative entertainment. Your guests will simply be thrilled by any of the ideas below - they are not your usual run of the mill entertainment ideas you see! 😉

  1. Havana Club Trio
  2. With a special Christmas Set List, Havana Club Trio – the Three Wise Men are ready to take over your Christmas Party and add a Latin musical flair to your winter bash. Bring warm sounds to your event and let the frosty melt with beautiful wintery tones.

  3. Rhythm & Beats
    The Drummers are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors, their live show is designed to enthrall and entertain with dynamic captivating drumming. They are Ireland's top rhythm based entertainment who create each show from the ground up tailored to your vision. Powerful choreographed performances fused with elements of Irish dancing, filled with audience participation is sure to captivate any crowd and add excitement to any Christmas bash
  4. Digital Fire Art Shows
    This act is totally alternative and looks so cool. Its a fire show that looks like fire but it's not real, it's powerful LED lighting that looks exactly like burning flames. It can be used indoors with no risk to guests or the venue. Our Digital Fire Performers are highly skilled fire jugglers and will visually stimulate and stun your guests. Logos can also be displayed in the show along with stunning visuals to create a branded experience.
  5. Silent Headphone Disco
    Play 2 channels with completely different styles of music at the same time through a wireless headphone system. How it works is simple, just play your music off a phone and plug it into our transmitter. When you put the headphones on you can choose which music you want to dance to. Party and dance into the early hours with no noise complaints from the venue.
  6. Dancing Robot Characters
    Robot-Ted is 8 feet tall with a built in iPad in his chest for displaying logos and messages. When he enters the room and starts interacting people just love it, his dance and robotic moves are world class and simply stunning. Perfect as a greeting host or for meet and greet these characters cause fun and mayhem from the moment they arrive.
  7. Christmas Singing Waiters
    This act never grows old, guests just love it. Choose from Opera or Diva styles and just let them do their thing. They will be disguised as staff from the venue and will be working the room and interacting with guests. Just as the coffee is being served they burst into action. This act never fails and brings another layer of excitement to the proceedings.

For all your questions please feel free to get in touch with our office elves on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or email us via info@www.christmasentertainment.ie .. We're looking forward to planning your sparkly occasion with you.

**Merry Christmas**

6 Cool Silent Night Entertainment Acts

...for the "later into the night" Christmas parties 😉

The speech is over, let's get into the festive spirit with some serious partying
Party Bands of all sizes are available and ready to rock playing a mix of friendly well known hits from the 80s, 90s and more. Choose a band based on your budget and check out the extensive playlists to see what they can do and to help you choose. Bigger venues will require additional PA to help cover larger areas with a lot of people but most bands systems are good for small to medium size events. A good DJ can also make a huge impression and take people through the ages right up the radio friendly hits of today.

1. Party and Event Bands

Huge selection available in different sizes and in any musical style that takes your fancy.
Click here for all your party bands


2. Top DJ MCs

They will ensure smooth running on the night and provide a steady flow of great music from all eras.
Click  here for all your DJ MCs


3. Daft Punk Tribute

International DJ Act that will lift the roof off as required. Authentic costumes and stunning mixing will fill the dance floor. This globe trotting duo play in super clubs and festivals worldwide but can read the crowd at smaller events to ensure maximum impact.

Click  here for all your Daft Punk Tribute questions.


4. Dancing Robots.

Interactive robotic characters that simply steal the show from the moment they enter the room. Cutting edge entertainment with a brilliant selection of characters to choose from.

www.robotnetworks.ie Robots for hire

www.robotnetworks.ie Making People smile! Robots for Hire.

Posted by Robot Networks Ireland on Thursday, October 5, 2017


5. Silent Disco

Wireless Headphone packages and 2 channels of music at the same time. Quiet clubbing is ideal for dancing late into the night as their is no noise to disturb other guests.

Party time in the RDS with Silent Disco Ireland

Big fun with Silent Disco Ireland in the RDS at a recent event. Cool DJs and headphone packages available to suit any size party. www.silentdiscoireland.ie

Posted by Silent Disco Ireland on Thursday, March 29, 2018


6. Digital Fire Dancers

Unbelievable indoor fire and light show using powerful LED devices being spun by professional fire jugglers. Logos and marketing messages can be programmed directly into the show.

Click  here for all your Digital Fire Performers

For all your questions please feel free to get in touch with our office elves on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or email us via info@www.christmasentertainment.ie .. We're looking forward to planning your sparkly occasion with you 🙂

Diva Waiters with Christmas Entertainment Ireland

**Entertainment during the meal**

Now that your guests are all in the room and about to be seated for a meal or a brief speech lets give them a steady flow of suitable sounds. Any of the duos or trios above will work perfectly for this part of the evening and they can include some live Christmas tunes in the mix to keep the festive spirit going. How about a DJ? rather than the venues built in sound system playing Xmas compilations on loop. A DJ MC can aid with the smooth running of the event and make announcements where required.along with good quality background music.

When the meal is coming to an end and the coffee is being served how about a little surprise for your guests?

Our Diva Waiters sure love Christmas

Spread a little cheer throughout the festive season with our fabulous Christmas Diva Waiters.This sublimely jolly surprise act is perfect for any wintery occasion, may it be a wedding, a big corporate gig or a private party.Have everybody up dancing on their chairs at your Christmas party this year - book our unique Diva Waiters now. Simply call our Christmas Elves in the office on 01 - 201 3660, alternatively email info@divawaiters.ie / info@audionetworks.ie for information on this merry three-piece.

Posted by Singing Waiters Ireland on Friday, October 27, 2017

Diva Waiters

This could the moment the big reveal happens as the Diva Singing Waiters burst into action and take complete control of the room. These Divas have been disguised as waiters and causing mischief for some time now but suddenly they transform and unleash a string of hits that raises the roof. It gets the mood right back up after the meal and sets a high note for the following speeches or entertainment.


An evening of your favourite Christmas songs performed by our celebrated Irish Singing Waiters, disguised as ‘Festive Harmony‘ is a surefire way to sprinkle some holiday spirit into the season with an added surprise element.
Based in Dublin our experienced vocalists are trained singers and have performed at many highly regarded events throughout the Christmas period and of course all year ’round.
Enhance your Corporate Christmas Event or Private XMas Function with these talented Irish performers, singing an exciting Christmas set list to delight and enchant your guests.

For further information on how to book this amazing Festive Singing Waiters Show, also available for hire as a Christmas duo, please call +353-1-201-3660 or perhaps get in touch via our contact form.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

....by booking your entertainment right now!

Sorry to say it's that time of the year again for all you entertainment Booker's out there to nail down who's performing where and when this Christmas.

If you're a well seasoned party and event planner or you have you been given the task of organising the Christmas work bash this year you may look no further, because all the cool entertainment ideas are right here under the one roof.

Christmas parties need not be a chore to attend if the atmosphere is just right and your colleagues are in the mood for fun. We can help you set the scene from the get go with a stunning array of options that just work. You need to grab the attention of your guests from the moment they arrive at the venue but as the same time they need to feel welcome and not to be bombarded. How can you achieve this and not blow the budget before the party even gets going? Let's break the event down into simple chunks starting with the arrival of guests and the reception.

Exciting entertainment ideas from www.audionetworks.ie

Cool & different entertainment ideas like Singing Waiters, Celtic Warrior, Digital Fire Acts, Silent Discos, Drummers, Robots for Hire, Super Heros, Party Bands & Top DJs ....Call 01 201 3660

Posted by Audio Networks on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Here are 6 cutting edge ideas for the very start of your Christmas party.

Digital Fire Art

Perfect for outside the venue or at the main entrance this LED Fire act will simply stun guests and is totally safe for use indoors or out. Your company logo and Christmas graphics can be incorporated into the show. Professional spinners wearing all black will perform for up to 40 Min's at locations of your choice.

Storm Trooper

Star Wars is still massive and these fun characters can be branded up with your company logo. Everybody wants a selfie with them and they make arrival at the party instantly fun and memorable. Send in your crest or logo and we will print it in vinyl and apply to the Trooper.

Live Sax & DJ

As your guests enter the reception area or the main function room they will be greeted by a sophisticated sound track of cool music. The live saxophone gently blends with the DJ,s beats and creates the perfect easy going but upbeat atmosphere.

Latin Trio

Playing the songs and sounds you will instantly recognise and creating a Latin vibe that is just right as guests arrive. This music is laid back but lively and has a universal appeal so musically it's a safe bet at almost any type of event.

Jazz or Trad Duo

Budget friendly, tried and tested option here as this type of music played live sounds great. It's kept low in the background but keeps the energy up in the room. If it's a large venue or noisy a small PA system can enhance the sound levels if required.


Not for the faint hearted as this is a high impact performance!, the cobwebs will be blown away as these guys march into the room hammering out tight rhythms. Looks and sounds fantastic and it's a great way to get the proceedings started with a bang.

For all your questions please feel free to get in touch with our office elves on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or email us via info@www.christmasentertainment.ie .. We're looking forward to planning your sparkly occasion with you 🙂