How to find the best Christmas Acts in Ireland:

Christmas is the party season of the year!!!

Its the perfect time to mingle with friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and family,
where you all come together to celebrate your accomplishments and achievements for the year just passed.
To party in the true Christmas spirit, you will need entertainment that provides a fun filled, party atmosphere.

Party at the Back 80’s Band

Ireland’s Top Live bands and acts for Christmas parties 2019

There is nothing quite like the party atmosphere you get from a live band. The entertainment and music you choose can really make or break an office party, so naturally it’s something that has to be done right!
To make the decision a little bit easier for you, we’ve put together our list of Ireland’s top entertainment bands for Christmas 2019

The Firm

The Firm is a live 5 piece party band comprised of some very well known musicians in Ireland. They perform a perfect blend of music both old and brand new and have an extensive setlist suitable for any event.

Blue Note Jazz Trio

If you’re looking to bring an air of sophistication to your event then this is the act for you. The Blue Note Jazz Trio have performed at events all over the country, from private functions to corporate events, and they always wow the crowd. Their smooth jazzy sounds create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at any stage of your party, but is especially suited to drinks receptions.

Swing Society

Upbeat, fun and funky are just some of the words that have been used to describe The Swing Society. One of Ireland’s fasted growing party bands in 2019, and its no wonder why. The energy they bring is second to none and always goes down well with crowds of all ages! Their live sets will have everyone up dancing and singing along. Their setlist has been tweaked and tailored to suit any party night, making them perfect for your Christmas bash!

Big Noise Party Band

The Big Noise are the House Band for the Iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, home to such greats as U2 and Van Morrison. These musicians understand are experienced professionals in the Irish music industry. With plenty of years playing all over Ireland for Events.

Kickbacks Party band

The Kick Backs are an exciting four piece cover band comprised of some of the most well known session musicians in Ireland. Spanning most genres of music these veteran musicians guarantee to keep the dance floor full all night long and to play all the hits!

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The Ultimate Guide to booking the perfect party band this Christmas

Walking the music festivals over the Summer can be a real inspiration, however finding that perfect band available at the right price point for your event might be a little bit trickier than expected.

That's why we've decided to compile some of our more popular bands so you can take a look at some of the best that the Entertainment Industry has to offer in Ireland. These bands are willing to bring the Christmas Spirit to you Office's Merry Xmas Party!


The acts we recommend for a Christmas Event vary from Party Bands, Surprise Acts, Singing Waiters, Robot Hosts, Drinks Reception Music and much more!

Our Team of experts in Entertainment for Events will guide you through what is needed for your specific event, whether is a corporate Christmas party or just an office get together.

Check out below some of the most well known Party Bands:

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Have a Joly Christmas!

How to choose the best entertainment for your Christmas Party:


We know Christmas is the furthest thing from you mind while you are enjoying this unusual heat wave in Ireland, however the time of the year to book and plan for your company’s Christmas party has arrived!

Usually, choosing a venue it’s easy enough - taking into consideration past parties and events as well as location & budget. Nonetheless, the entertainment can make or break an event!

Its common sense that the main party band for after the meal represents the majority of the budget for entertainment, nevertheless there are a few more stages of your event that demand your attention.

As they say first impressions last longer so your welcome act should portrait the theme and spirit of your event. The Drinks Reception stage is also very important as it is the time your guests start to mingle, it is crucial to have good music but it is also vital that the act doesn’t overpower the room. Having entertainment during the meal its optional, if you want to go for the full effect there are some amazing surprise acts for this stage of your event.

After the band only the true party people stay on the dancefloor so make sure you don’t disappoint them, hire a good Live DJ act or Silent Disco so you can bring that WOW factor to the end of the evening.

Welcome Acts:

Robot & Characters Hosts

The robots appeared on the Irish events scene a few of years ago and started causing a commotion at corporate events and private parties. From Robot-Ted the almost 9 foot tall dancing robot to Star Wars characters we have an entire range of hosts to welcome your guests and create picture worthy moments to last for years to come.

Digital Fire Show

The Digital Fire Spinners offer you all the WOW factor of a Fire show without the hazards of actually having one, plus the show is fully customizable with images and logos.

Drinks Reception:

3 Wise Men

The Havana Club Trio have created a special Christmas Set-List to become ‘The Three Wise Men’, an Alternative Christmas Act to turn your average Christmas Party in a One-Of-A-Kind festive and fun-filled celebration with an authentic Latin twist!

Blue Note Trio

For a more sophisticated demure the Blue Note Trio are the best Jazz\Swing option for your drinks reception.

Party Band:

Funked Up - 5 or 6 piece Band

Unique Entertainment:

Diva Singing Waiters - Xmas Set

The Diva Singing Waiters have come up with a Christmas last a few years back and the results are in: It is a massive success! The surprise act will mingle with your guests throughout the meal blowing up their minds when they break into song by the time dessert is served.

Boombastic Brass Band - Walkabout Show

The Boombastic 6 piece Brass Band is wonderful walkabout acoustic act that can work as a surprise for your guests as they are fully portable and can walk around the room entertaining your guests during the meal.

Live Dj Acts:

Sax & DJ Duo

Sax & DJ is a Duo Act that will work for any event! It is versatile, cool and never fails to get the atmosphere just right in the room. It is not cheesy or in your face, it's laid back and sophisticated. The DJ spins the beats and the sax player jams along showing real skill and gently working the crowd.

Silent Headphone Disco

The Silent Headphone Disco is massive and getting more popular every year. Dance away into the early hours with no noise complaints from the hotel bedrooms or from neighbours. There is no PA system required as everybody puts the headphones on so the only noise is the sound of people dancing, laughing and singing along to their favourite tunes.

Daft Punk Tribute

Now an international DJ act Daft Punk Tribute will lift the roof off any type of party. They still have some free dates left in December but they are selling out fast so get in touch to check availability. No shows are the same as they Re-Mix the music live and on the spot to suit the crowd. The guys know how to mix and spend a serious amount of time in their studio mixing and perfecting their show.

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Party Bands and DJs for Christmas Parties

It's the most wonderful time of the year I hear you say! That is unless you have to organize all the entertainment for your work party and get everything booked in. How about you just show up on the night, enjoy yourself and leave the rest to us?

We can take the stress out of booking the X-mas bash this year as we have a winning selection of really cool party bands and DJ MCs. Look no further, they are all here under the one roof and they can create the perfect atmosphere for any size party.

Below you will find links to great videos, setlists and info on some cool party bands. Experience, skill and a good attitude set these bands apart as they know how to read a crowd and get everybody into the festive spirit.

  1. The lead singer of The Firm is a very experienced singer called Laura O Neil, she did very well on the X Factor a few years back and she is in huge demand ever since. Her band can read the crowd and get the festive atmosphere going with ease. The band can belt out Christmas classics and play a great selection of new and old music and never fail to create the perfect atmosphere.
  2. Kick Backs. This 4 piece group has an amazing set list covering all musical styles from pop to rap and most things inbetween. The band members are well known musicians in the Irish music Industry scene and have the experienced required to deliver the perfect party vibe everytime.
  3. Jungle Boogie. This five-piece party band consists of well known Dublin musicians who know what the crowd want. The lead singer of Jungle Boogie is The Voice Of Ireland’s Andrew Mann, one of the most requested singers on our roster. They perform a rock inspired set mixed with radio friendly hits and a cool selection of pop style sounds.
  4. Brass Tacks. They party band has an extensive set list of cool music with something in there for all ages. This 3 piece act are perfect for any size Xmas party or festive gathering and really know how to create the right atmosphere. Comprising of drums, bass, guitar and vocals the sound they produce is perfect for packing the dance floor.
  5. Midnight Revellers. This party band plays plenty of modern music but, with a trad twist. There are 3 to 4 members but it can be upgraded to include extra musicians if needed depending on the size of the event or budget. This act go out of their way to deliver a great party atmosphere and are committed to have the dance at full tilt.

That's your band sorted now how about a cool DJ to keep the party flow going right up to the early hours?

Sax & DJ Duo

This is a cool and sophisticated DJ act that is perfect for any size party. The live sax is mixed in with the music and creates a brilliant atmosphere. A perfect live touch for Christmas Parties!

Drummer & DJ Duo

This DJ act plays a radio friendly mix of songs you know well and will not be too loud! The live drummer is mixed into the music directly through the DJs mixer to create the perfect sound.

Silent Disco & DJ

Silent Disco's have two different music channels playing at the same time. The wireless headphone system is great great fun and people get into it very quickly as they simply take to the floor and off they go.

Top DJ Mc

Your Christmas party needs to run smoothly and and have a steady flow of good music to keep your guests entertained. A good DJ comes complete with the right size sound and lighting equipment and knows what to play and when.

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