Alternative Entertainment Ideas for your Christmas Bash


It's time to get organising your company's Christmas party and hiring some cool, alternative entertainment. Your guests will simply be thrilled by any of the ideas below - they are not your usual run of the mill entertainment ideas you see! 😉

  1. Havana Club Trio
  2. With a special Christmas Set List, Havana Club Trio – the Three Wise Men are ready to take over your Christmas Party and add a Latin musical flair to your winter bash. Bring warm sounds to your event and let the frosty melt with beautiful wintery tones.

  3. Rhythm & Beats
    The Drummers are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors, their live show is designed to enthrall and entertain with dynamic captivating drumming. They are Ireland's top rhythm based entertainment who create each show from the ground up tailored to your vision. Powerful choreographed performances fused with elements of Irish dancing, filled with audience participation is sure to captivate any crowd and add excitement to any Christmas bash
  4. Digital Fire Art Shows
    This act is totally alternative and looks so cool. Its a fire show that looks like fire but it's not real, it's powerful LED lighting that looks exactly like burning flames. It can be used indoors with no risk to guests or the venue. Our Digital Fire Performers are highly skilled fire jugglers and will visually stimulate and stun your guests. Logos can also be displayed in the show along with stunning visuals to create a branded experience.
  5. Silent Headphone Disco
    Play 2 channels with completely different styles of music at the same time through a wireless headphone system. How it works is simple, just play your music off a phone and plug it into our transmitter. When you put the headphones on you can choose which music you want to dance to. Party and dance into the early hours with no noise complaints from the venue.
  6. Dancing Robot Characters
    Robot-Ted is 8 feet tall with a built in iPad in his chest for displaying logos and messages. When he enters the room and starts interacting people just love it, his dance and robotic moves are world class and simply stunning. Perfect as a greeting host or for meet and greet these characters cause fun and mayhem from the moment they arrive.
  7. Christmas Singing Waiters
    This act never grows old, guests just love it. Choose from Opera or Diva styles and just let them do their thing. They will be disguised as staff from the venue and will be working the room and interacting with guests. Just as the coffee is being served they burst into action. This act never fails and brings another layer of excitement to the proceedings.

For all your questions please feel free to get in touch with our office elves on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or email us via .. We're looking forward to planning your sparkly occasion with you.

**Merry Christmas**